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About Petra


About Petra

If it’s possible to be born in the wrong place at the wrong time, I was.

In the stifling regime of Communist Czechoslovakia, my feisty spirit screamed to express itself.

I survived this stroke of misfortune by being raised by my beautiful grandmother in her gypsy village, becoming a nurse at fourteen then immersing myself in the arts.

Later, I earned my Fine Arts Degree in the magical city of Český Krumlov. From the age of eighteen I lived here with friends in a gypsy house, then in a monastery under Kumlov Castle.

Through nursing, I learned how to deeply care for others. From the gypsy world, I learned true freedom of expression. In art, my spirit found sanctuary.

I fell in love, fled Czech and didn’t look back. On arrival in Australia in 2000, I could barely speak English. When love faded, I moved interstate to study Cultural Heritage Management.

New love produced my wonderful, special needs child. If I thought it was tough before, I was wrong. Far away from friends and family, I raised him alone. Now my life journey truly began!

In 2017, I published Life Rocks! Unleash Your Creative Life—my affirmation of the importance of staying true to yourself, letting go of past pain and seizing a vibrant future.

After all that’s been, I wasn’t born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every moment happens in the right place—and the right time.

Over time, my ‘places’ in Australia have been Bondi, Coogee, Marrickville and Avoca Beach. I’m currently based in beautiful Canberra, while visiting the magnificent NSW South Coast as often as possible. Each year I’m drawn back to my family and the rich culture of the Czech Republic, the birthplace of my passionate spirit.

Through my life-lens I see vulnerability, elegance, grace and joy in abundance.

I witness magic at work. My clients’ innermost natures emerge in my portraits. Country and coastlines inspire my commissioned and exhibition works.

My art is the voice of my love for this exceptional life, in this precious world.